After Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, the sixth edition of Mirada – Ibero-American Performing Arts Festival arrives this Tuesday (14) in São Paulo, returning to the in-person format. Until September 24, the event, organized by Sesc São Paulo, presents its theatrical program to the São Paulo audience.

In the São Paulo capital ten international plays will be presented: Reminiscencia and DRAGON (Chile), Estreito/Estrecho (Portugal/Chile co-production), Ensaio para uma Cartografia (Portugal), La Luna en el Amazonas (Colombia), Hamlet (Peru), Teatro Amazonas (Spain), CUANDO PASES SOBRE MI TUMBA (Uruguay), Cosmos and Aurora Negra (Portugal).

The plays will be staged at Sesc’s units 24 de Maio, Belenzinho, Bom Retiro, Consolação, Pinheiros, Pompeia, Santana, and Vila Mariana, and address, among other themes, the symptoms of colonization and migration processes. This approach includes, for example, Estreito/Estrecho, in which artists from Teatro Experimental do Porto (Portugal) and Teatro La Maria (Chile) revisit the path of the navigator Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521) in a critical and satirical way.

The Colombian group Mapa Teatro starts from a 2019 news story, about the existence of indigenous communities voluntarily isolated in the Colombian Amazon, to talk about resistance in the play La Luna en El Amazonas.

Another highlight is the play Hamlet, which crosses Shakespeare’s text with the lives of eight actors with Down syndrome.

Since September 9, the festival is being held in Santos, on the São Paulo coast. Until next Sunday (18), the event will showcase 36 performances of multiple languages in theater, dance, performance and street theater at the Sesc’s unit in Santos, as well as in public spaces, theaters and historical buildings in the city.

More information and the Mirada Festival schedule can be found on the event’s website the event ‘s website.

Source: Agência Brasil