To celebrate the Bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil, the São Paulo City Hall organized more than 50 activities, spread over more than 200 points in the São Paulo capital, as part of the Voices of Independence Project.

The highlight of the program is the historical reenactment of Dom Pedro I’s Cry, on September 7th, at Independence Park, in Ipiranga, São Paulo. The open-air performance will include a historical, social, and cultural journey, approaching the feeling of independence from various points of view and experiences. The objective of the show is to value the national culture and its importance in the social, cultural, and economic construction of the country.

The Civic-Military parade will be held along the entire length of the central lane of Dom Pedro I Avenue, in the district of Ipiranga, from 8am to 12:30pm, as a way to integrate the actions of the bicentennial in the same territory. The exhibition will be held in partnership with the Brazilian Army, the Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Air Force. There will also be special military participation by the Comet Paratroopers, the Brazilian Air Force Smoke Squadron, and the Army Cavalry with the official uniform of the Dragons of Independence.

Artistic activities of music, theater, cinema, visual arts, literature, dance, artistic interventions and debates also compose the celebration of the date.


– Visit to the Imperial Crypt and the exhibition Representações da Nação, the Monument to Independence and the Imperial Crypt September 7: from 2022 to August 4, 2024, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 5pm, with scheduled educational visits available from September 13, through the site. Free admission.

– Casa do Grito: exhibition Da Independência ao Grito, História de uma casa a pau-a-pique. The exhibition is on permanent Tuesdays through Sundays, from 9am to 5pm, and scheduled educational visits are available from September 13, through the website. Free admission.

– Bloco dos independentes: artistic intervention composed of a troupe, in a performance that will evoke stories of important characters in the history of Brazil, in a playful and didactic way. Sepé Tiaraju, Dandara dos Palmares, Anita Garibaldi, Anita Malfatti and Luiz Gama will reach the public through a small block of stilt-walkers with allegorical puppets. The group, accompanied by musicians and instrumentalists, sings and tells stories about these characters and their relationship with the history of Brazil. The project will feature music and special composition by Raquel Tobias and puppets and costumes by Ceará artist Abmael Henrique. Patriarca Square and Viaduto do Chá, on September 1st, at 3pm and 4:30pm; Viaduto do Chá, on September 2nd, at 3pm and 4:30pm; Parque da Independência, on September 7th, at 3pm and 4:30pm.

– Exhibition: Vozes Insurgentes: recorte histórico de heróis e heroínas nacionais, characters that evoke the feeling emanated by the struggles throughout the social, economic and cultural construction of Brazil: Viaduto do Chá, Parque do Carmo, Parque da Previdência, Parque do Ibirapuera and Parque da Vila Guilherme. Until September 25th.

– Vozes do Ipiranga: immersive scenic experience in 3D audio where the audience becomes the central character of the work, made available permanently and for free at Independence Park. While it visits the official history through scenes and audio bringing data, characters and remarkable facts of the known process of rupture with Portugal, the scenic sound experience is guided by invisible and forgotten voices, who were also part of the country’s independence process in the 19th century: black people, women, the common people, the letter carrier Paulo Emilio Bregaro and even one of the first workers present at the beginning of the construction of the Ipiranga Museum. All the characters have their existences and memories inspired by their own hearts, in a poetic allusion to the heart of D. Pedro I, separated from his body by a request registered in his will. Opening on September 7th.

– Monumenta Project: models of the artistic monuments implanted in São Paulo in the last century, as a result of the activities of the Art Week of 1922, of the IV Centennial of the City, and of the sesquicentennial of Independence. Using augmented reality resources, by directing the cell phone to the models assembled at Casa do Grito and distributed at Independence Park, the public will be able to live a game-like experience, viewing the works in 360º. Independence Park, starting in September.

– Solar da Marquesa de Santos: actress Beth Araújo presents Sarau no Solar (Sarau at the Mansion House), with a presentation of 19th century music performed live, poetry recitation, reading of texts and love letters written by Emperor D. Pedro I during their time together. The project will include special interventions by the actress playing Domitila, interacting with the public in the surroundings of the Marquesa’s Manor House. City Museum, September 10, 11am. 

– São Paulo Municipal Theater: exhibition of Video Contramemória, directed by the duo formed by Luis Villaverde and Moira Soares, and produced by Paranoid. The piece celebrates the centennial of the 1922 Modern Art Week and promotes the homonymous show, with works exhibited at the Municipal Theater. 

– Vila Itororó Cultural Center, September 10, from 6 pm: mapped projection Vila Itorororó 100 years. At 7:00 pm there will be a Meniere show by Eramir Neto and Guests and at 8:00 pm Mariofagia Show. To see the complete program, access the city hall website (in Portuguese).

Source: Agência Brasil