World champion last weekend in the C1 500 meters, the Bahian canoeist Isaquias Queiroz won gold again this Friday (12), in the same event, at the Pan-American Canoeing Championship, in Halifax (Canada). Brazil also secured two bronzes, with Vagner Souta from Paraná in the K1 500m and Ana Paula Vergutz in the K1 1000.

One day after winning the C1 1000 at the Pan, today the Bahian dominated the C1 500m race, Isaquias first crossing the finish line in 1min49s60, a time four seconds shorter than the one obtained by him at the Worlds. The silver went to the Canadian Connor Fitzpatrick (1min50s2) and the bronze to the Colombian Alejandro Rodriguez (1min51s2).

In the women’s dispute of the k1 1000, Paula Vergutz secured the bronze in a time of 4min06s7. The gold went to the Argentine Brenda Rojas (3min58s5) and the silver to the Canadian Michelle Russell (3min59s6).

Brazil ended the competition this Friday (12) with three gold medals – one of them from the duo Erlon Souza and Filipe Vieira in the C2 500m, on Wednesday (10) – and two bronzes. The Pan-American Games ensured that Brazilians qualified for the Santiago Pan-American Games next year.

Source: Agência Brasil