The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) will seek to suspend the Brazil-Argentina match, in the context of the World Cup Qualifiers, which was interrupted five minutes after the start of the game, in September last year, due to health issues related to COVID-19.

In an official note, CBF declared it had accepted the agreement proposed by FIFA and the Argentine Football Association (AFA) not to carry out the game on September 22, in São Paulo. The match had been moved to this date by FIFA itself, in April.

Coach Tite and technical coordinator Juninho Paulista had asked CBF´s president Ednaldo Rodrigues to cancel the match claiming damage to the physical preparation of the team’s players for the Qatar Cup, with risks of injuries and suspensions.

“Given the position of the coaching staff, we are going to ask FIFA not to carry out the match. I will spare no effort to assist the coaching staff, since the match is not recommended by the team´s heads. Our priority is to win the sixth title in Qatar,” said Ednaldo Rodrigues.

Source: Agência Brasil