Even in winter, Brazilian thermometers have registered a warm month, with the highest temperatures in the last 61 years.

Data from the country’s weather authority INMET reveal that the average temperature in July reached 22.8ºC, up 0.82 degrees above the historical average calculated in 2015, making July 2022 the hottest on record.

INMET meteorologist Danielle Barros notes that the country has recorded warmer and warmer winters in recent years.

“This may be related to the persistence of warm air masses over the central region. This is common, but they’re becoming more frequent. There’s also an increase in deforested areas, which are bringing little rain to the central region at this time of year,” Barros said.

For August, the specialist also predicts high temperatures. “I believe the temperatures in August may be above average, but not as much as in July. That month was atypical.”

*Trainee with Rádio Nacional supervised by Raquel Mariano

Source: Agência Brasil