With the inclusion of over 2.2 million new families in the federal government’s income transfer program Brazil Aid (Auxílio Brasil), a total of 20.2 million socially vulnerable beneficiaries will start receiving BRL 600 this month. The original amount was BRL 400, but the National Congress approved in July a supplement of BRL 200 until December 31 of this year, on an emergency basis.

The states with the highest number of new beneficiaries are Rio de Janeiro (336,000), São Paulo (290,000), Bahia (235,000), Pernambuco (180,000), Pará (141,000), Minas Gerais (138,000), and Ceará (122,000).

Other benefits

The total amount invested in the welfare program in August 2022 corresponds to BRL 12.1 billion, according to the Ministry of Citizenship. In addition to the main benefit, there are also other social programs, depending on the profiles of the families, such as the School Sports Aid, the Junior Scientific Initiation Scholarship, and the Rural Productive Inclusion Aid.

Source: Agência Brasil