During a public hearing in the Senate on Thursday (Jul. 14), Brazil´s Minister of Defense Paulo Sergio Nogueira said that the Armed Forces consider three of the 15 proposals presented by them to the Commission on Transparency in Elections, of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), to be “essential”.

The suggestions made under the guise of “improving the electoral process” plead that the integrity test to which electronic voting machines are submitted, reproduce the same conditions as on polling day, including the use of biometric identification of voters.

The Armed Forces also propose that the electronic voting machines that the Electoral Justice acquired as of 2020 undergo the Public Security Test.

The third proposal provides that the electoral Court makes effective the participation of “inspection entities” in all eight phases of the electoral process.The Superior Electoral Court has not yet commented on the matter when asked by Agência Brasil about its opinion on the suggestions.

On Wednesday (Jul. 13), Brazil´s Federal Audit Court (TCU) made public the result of an audit that concluded there are no “relevant risks to the 2022 elections” in Brazil. The audit, however, will still assess the auditability requirements of the procedures established by the Electoral Court.

Source: Agência Brasil