Brazil´s Federal Audit Court (TCU) has concluded that the electronic voting system is safe and that there are no relevant risks for the October elections in the country, an audit report released this week by the court reads.

The investigation assessed the risk management to protect the electoral process, and the ability to prevent the interruption of the normality of elections against serious failures.

According to the auditors, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has a schedule for approving cyber defense projects, and there are contingency plans to avoid system disruption in the event of incidents.

The approved report is related to the third stage of the audit carried out by the Audit Court on the voting system. In May, the Superior Electoral Court concluded the second phase of the public security test of the electronic system for this year’s elections.

Audit rapporteur Minister Bruno Dantas praised the security tests carried out by the Superior Electoral Court, and the creation of the Elections Transparency Commission (CTE), a group formed to receive suggestions for improvements in the electoral process.

“I realize that the Electoral Court has been careful to improve the internal security of the electoral process, even though the success of the election also demands coordination with other institutions and with society”, the minister stated.

Source: Agência Brasil