When filmmakers feature various American cities in their movies, it is inevitable some of the cities’ traits are reflected on screen—there’s also a chance they chose the city that best matched the spirit of their film.

Giggster highlighted significant films shot in 15 of the biggest U.S. cities to showcase the different perspectives on the landscape, views into different corners of the city’s culture, how a city can be disguised or changed for production, and more.

American cities have distinctly different characteristics. The hustle and bustle of New York City, for example, differs dramatically from sunny and laid-back Los Angeles, despite both being major cities that attract creatives and power brokers.

Meanwhile, cities in the South, which are famous for a slower pace of life, stand in stark contrast to those in the Southwest, which still retain some of their cowboy qualities, and are uniquely situated amid mountains and deserts.

Read on for a look at 15 major American cities in film. Cities are listed alphabetically, and the movies listed are just a sampling.

Source: MSN