Justice Luiz Fux, head of Brazil’s Supreme Court, said the court will remain vigilant in the second half of the year so that the upcoming general elections transpire with no major incidents.

“The Supreme Federal Court will remain vigilant and always up to par with its most precious mission—guarding the Constitution and ensuring legal security, with special attention to the constitutional sentiment of the Brazilian people, maintaining its supreme vigilance over the soundness of the electoral process in our country,” Fux declared.

The statement was delivered Friday (Jul 1) as part of his address at the ceremony ending the first half of the country’s judicial year and the beginning of recess. In July, therefore, only urgent cases are to be considered by the court, slated to resume proceedings in August.

Cases on the agenda August include administrative misconduct, in addition to the right to basic education, health care, transportation, and the confidentiality of personal data. Deliberations should also focus on environmental and labor law, Fux went on to note.

As usual, Justice Fux took stock of the work done in the first half-year. “Controversies were not few, nor were they trivial,” he argued. He also thanked his colleagues “for the harmony among court members” and for remaining “united in the defense of the values that matter: the democracy and the dignity of this institution.”

In the last months, the plenary session tried 25 cases in person and 2,484 remotely, he mentioned.

This was the last time Brazil’s top court reaches half of the judicial year with Justice Fux at its helm. In September, he should be replaced with Deputy Justice Rosa Weber.

On behalf of his colleagues, Justice Ricardo Lewandowski expressed his gratitude to Justice Fux for having contributed “to maintaining social peace and balance among the branches of power.”

Source: Agência Brasil