The CEO of Brazilian government-controlled banking institution Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimarães, recently made the resignation from his post official. In a letter to President Jair Bolsonaro, Guimarães refuted the sexual harassment allegations made by female employees of the institution and claimed to be innocent.

“As president of Caixa, I have always been committed to fighting all forms of harassment, repelling any and all forms of violence, in any of its possible configurations. The accusations reported are not true! I repeat, the accusations are not true and do not reflect either my professional or personal posture. I am absolutely certain these accusations will not be supported by a technical and impartial evaluation,” Guimarães wrote. He also shared the letter on Instagram.

In charge of the institution since January 2019, Guimarães resigned after a news site yesterday evening (Jun 28) published allegations by female career employees at Caixa accusing him of sexual harassment. The case has been brought under investigation by federal prosecutors.

The government has not yet announced his substitute. This morning, Guimarães attended an event with Caixa employees, where he defended himself against the accusations and said his administration has brought the financial institution’s accounts back into balance.

In the letter, Guimarães says Caixa has been awarded certifications for providing a workplace where women are respected. He cited the bank’s certification in the 6th edition of the Equity for Gender and Race program, by Brazil’s Ministry of Women, Family, and Human Rights. Also mentioned was the seal Best Company to Work for 2021 – Great Place To Work®, awarded to the institution in 2021.

Source: Agência Brasil