A film and television producer wears many hats. They find and launch projects; finance the whole endeavor; hire writers, directors, and other members of the creative team; and generally ensure all elements of the pre-production, production, and post-production run smoothly.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that many of the world’s most successful producers are those who also work in leadership capacities in other fields. Many are business owners and entrepreneurs who have parlayed their decades of experience into hosting events or TV shows of their own. Others are also owners of sports teams, while others find success in artistic pursuits like composing. Being a producer means being able to get multiple ventures off the ground and keep them running.

Using data on wealth from Celebrity Net Worth, Giggster ranked the 25 richest movie and TV producers in the world. To qualify, the producer had to have a history of producing or executive producing movies and/or television shows, regardless of whether it’s what they are primarily known for. Click through for a look at the richest producers in the world, and learn more about their many activities in producing and beyond.

Source: MSN