Yakecan subtropical storm is heading for the Brazilian Southeastern region, leading to low pressure in the ocean and influencing the climate in Rio de Janeiro, Alerta Rio System informed.

Heavy wind gusts between 52 km/h and 76 km/h are expected this afternoon (May 19) and tomorrow morning (May 20). The Brazilian Navy issued an alert warning that waves between 2.5 and 4 meters high are expected.

Temperatures shall vary today between 11ºC and 24°C with light and isolated rain at any moment.

On Saturday (May 21), ocean humidity will keep the day cloudy and with light and isolated rain in the morning.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the temperature can drop to 1ºC in Resende, in the southeast of Rio de Janeiro.


Inmet has released an orange alert on heavy winds coming from the coast late this morning between Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro.

The cold wave is heading for the north of the country, with temperatures forecast 5ºC below average until tomorrow night. The cold front shall reach the South, Southeast, and Central-West states.

The Federal District recorded today the coldest morning (1.4°C) since 1962. The previous record was 1.6⁰C, registered on July 18, 1975.

Belo Horizonte also had the coldest morning since 1979 (4.4°C).

A homeless person died yesterday (May 18) in São Paulo due to the cold weather. The lowest maximum temperature for May since 1961 stood at 12.3°C.

Source: Agência Brasil