Started on March 7 , the deadline for debt renegotiations with the Student Financing Fund (Fies) remains active for students who had difficulties paying off the loan. Discounts reach up to 92% of the financed amount. The president of the National Fund for the Development of Education (FNDE), Marcelo Lopes da Ponte, speaks today (24) on the A Voz do Brasil program about the possibilities and deadlines for renegotiation.

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Capes announces investment of R$ 178 million in postgraduate studies

The Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) announced the investment of R$ 178 million for equipment maintenance, acquisition of laboratory materials, participation in events and publication of scientific content in postgraduate courses. The funds are part of the Graduate Support (Proap) and Academic Excellence (Proex) programs.
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Most sought after graduations in 2020 were in the health area

The demand for courses in the health area has increased in higher education, and these degrees are among the most sought after both in distance learning (EAD) and in person. The information is from the Higher Education Observatory survey: analysis of microdata from the 2020 Higher Education Census.
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