Five months and 13 days is the average time a football coach in the A Series of the Brazilian Football Championship stays in the job, as per a study conducted by the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), created in 1995 by FIFA. The survey covers 90 championships around the world.

Coaches lose their jobs in less time only in Saudi Arabia, where they are usually fired in five months and six days—and in Bolivia, where the average is five months and 12 days.

The place where coaches have more time to apply their tactics is in Northern Ireland, where they usually stays four years and two months in charge of a team.

In the Portuguese League, home of Abel Ferreira (Palmeiras), Paulo Sousa (Flamengo), Vitor Pereira (Corinthians), and Luís Castro—soon to be hired by Botafogo—professionals usually stay in the job for a year and two months.

Source: Agência Brasil