The results of the National Examination for the Certification of Skills for Young People and Adults (Encceja) 2020 are now available on the Encceja System . The disclosure, which was scheduled for this Monday (13), was anticipated by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) and took place last Friday (10).

The exam was carried out on August 29, in all states and the Federal District, in a total of 622 municipalities. In all, 474,079 applicants took the exams, in search of a certificate for elementary and secondary education.

In addition to enabling certification and continuity in the educational trajectory, Encceja offers parameters for the participant to be able to assess themselves and, thus, have guidance for the continuity of education and placement in the labor market.

According to Inep, the exam assesses skills, abilities and knowledge acquired in the school or extra-school process. With this, it establishes a national reference for the assessment of young people and adults, thus having a multidimensional relevance for Brazilian education.

Among other purposes, Encceja also allows educational managers to use the assessment to correct issues related to school flow.

The results also serve as a guide for the implementation of procedures and policies, aimed at improving the quality of education provision for young people and adults, as well as improving the certification process. They also enable the development of studies and indicators on the Brazilian educational system.

Access to result

To access the result, the participant must use a single login to access the platform. If you do not remember the password of the registered account, it is possible to verify and recover it. All you have to do is access the page, enter the CPF to verify it and click Next. Then just click on I forgot my password.

There are several ways to recover access: through the Meu application, from accredited banks, Internet Banking from partner banks, by e-mail or by text message (SMS). The participant must select one of the options to generate a new password for their account.

Encceja has been carried out by Inep, since 2002, in collaboration with the state and municipal education secretariats. The tests comply with the basic requirements, established by the legislation in force, for elementary and secondary education. Although applied by Inep, issuing the certificate and the declaration of proficiency is the responsibility of the Education Departments and the Federal Institutes of Education, Science and Technology that sign a term of adhesion to the exam.

*With information from Inep

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Source: Agência Brasil