Brazil will grant humanitarian visas to Afghans, stateless people, and those affected by the severe situation or imminent institutional instability or severe violation of human rights or of the International Humanitarian Law in Afghanistan.

Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Relations Carlos França and Minister of Justice and Public Security Anderson Torres on Friday (Sep. 3) signed an inter-ministerial regulation on the concession of temporary visas and residence permits for humanitarian shelter.

According to the joint note issued by the ministries, the move is based on the humanitarian principles of Brazil’s migratory policy, as mandated by a 2017 law, which offers “a protection tool, reaffirming Brazil’s commitment to human rights and international solidarity.”

The visa, the note reads, represents an expected entry into the country and does not imply that the government should afford travel costs for immigrants coming to Brazil.

The embassies in Islamabad, Tehran, Moscow, Ankara, Doha, and Abu Dhabi will be licensed to process visa requests for humanitarian shelter. Brazil does not have an embassy or a consulate in Afghanistan.

“Special attention will be given to applications from women, children, elders, people with disabilities and their family members, including the situation of female Afghan magistrates that has been brought to the knowledge of the Brazilian government,” the statement reads.

Source: Agência Brasil